CA Rohit Gonsalves, ACA , Cert. Concurrent Audit of Banks , Cert. Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection , NISM - Depository Operations , DISA (ET),
Cert. Cyber security. Cert. Internal Auditor

CA Maya K.Kothari FCA, Society panel Auditor, Cert- Cyber security, Business Data Analytics

CA Sanjay P. Muthe FCA, Cert- Cyber security, Business Data Analytics

CA Shalija Bhatnagar, FCA

Our Audit team also consists of Retd. Bank officers , CISA/DISA qualified IT staff , other executives who have ample experience of all types of Bank Audits, and Corporate Audits.

The organization comprises a team of dedicated people. They include Chartered Accountants who are qualified in IFRS,Accounting Standards,Auditing Standards,Tax Accounting Standards,Corporate and Bank Treasury Management,Foreign Exchange transactions,Legal matters and have vast experience to handle any job or assignment professionally. The firm's greatest assets are friendly staff and an atmosphere conducive to growth. All strategies are developed together, and there is a spirit of team-work prevailing within the firm.

Besides the partners, the organization consists of senior and junior executives. The main planning is done by the partners, who look at work from a macro angle. The executive staff has a lot of freedom in their operational work, and later present a complete report based on the guidelines laid down by the partners.

Besides, the senior staff write reports, supervise work carried out by the junior staff members, and look after the day-to-day execution. The work atmosphere at Our Firms is cordial and highly professional. This level of professional competence is maintained due to years of experience - right from the bottom of the ladder to the top. Highly qualified people with good upbringing have ensured a sophisticated culture in the organization.

All problems are tackled together by the team and ultimately resolved. Unity between staff members is a principle the company runs on. It is this togetherness that helps in building the company, and the quality of work churned out is very high. Each client is important to the firm, whether large or small. At Our Firms the team spirit between the employees is what takes the tension out of serious business.
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